Some of my favourite puddings!

©Keith Rodgerson 2010


Hazels special chocolate thing

Dr Who location catering.

Florida Brunch

Planet Pizza sticky toffee pudding.

Glenys’s Party selection

It has been noticed that I’m quite fond of the occasional pudding so I started taking photos of some of the tastiest.  To be featured, send your pudding for review to me and I’ll photograph it and put it on the site!  Sorry but they can’t be returned.

John Pritchard’s Auntie Bimm’s Lemon Cheescake Thing!

Pudding Heaven, Sun City, South Africa

More from Glenys

3 Fabulous Pudds from West Stoke House, nr. Chichester above.

Rhubarb Crumble Souffle with ice cream and CUSTARD

Heavenly chocolate thing!!

Exploding chocolate thing at Amesbury Holiday Inn.  Yummee